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Editorial Staff

Klara Fredriksson, Editor-in-Chief

I’m on the last year of a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, mostly focused on political behavior. I’ve written for Utrikesperspektiv since 2014, mainly about American politics. Special interests include voter suppression, felon disenfranchisement, and an article about the Harry Potter judicial system that I’ve been working on since 2015 (it’s impossible, their system is arbitrary and garbage).



Michal Gieda, Editor-in-Chief


Hey. I’m a Polish/Swedish student of Sociology at Lund University, aiming to study a masters in Media and Communication studies later on. When it comes to international affairs, some of my main areas of interest are social issues, human rights, and economics. Considering my field of studies, I especially find questions of minority rights and ethnicity to be relevant topics, although I’m always eager to get a new and different perspective on things. I’ve been an active member of the webzine since 2014 and it has taught me a great deal about writing, but I’ve also found a lot of enjoyment in the social aspect of it. I would say that these aspects combined have definitely fueled my passion and motivation towards international affairs, and I’m looking forward to at least a few more semesters with this committee.

Editorial Staff

Hannes Berggren





I’m a Lund student on my second semester of a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics. I have an interest in international comparative politics and governance, social movements, democracy and equality. I have been writing for Utrikesperspektiv since 2016.

Ebba Bergström





I’m a Political Science student, on my fourth semester in Lund and looking at journalism programs once I have my Bachelor’s. I’m on my second semester in the webzine but you may have heard me in Radio UPF where I have been active for three semesters and am one of the two editors. When it comes to my political interests I mostly write about North-South relations, feminism and global justice.

Johanna Caminati Engström





Hey peeps! I’m an Italian / Swede second year student doing a Bachelor in Human Rights. I’m currently on exchange at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. I’ve been a part of Utrikesperspektiv’s community since the autumn of 2016 and I absolutely adore reading everybody’s articles. I love writing about human rights (surprise!), vulnerable communities, postcolonialism, feminism and I have a genuine passion for Africa. I do like to leave my comfort zone though, so be prepared!


James Davies





I’m a geology student with an interest in decision-making in an uncertain world. In practice that means I enjoy strategy, geopolitics and macroeconomics, and analysing the lessons from history. I have written for Utrikesperspektiv since 2015 on topics such as rare earth metals, oil, the EU, experts and U.S. foreign policy.

Scott Harvey





I’m a British student on the MSc Economic Growth, Innovation and Spatial Dynamics course at the Department of Economic History here in Lund. I have been active with the association since early 2016, primarily focusing on American and European politics in my articles for Utrikesperspektiv. My interests include culture wars, social policy, technological change and foreign policy, as well as the interactions between these areas. Expecting plenty of source material from across the Atlantic this year!

Laura Lindström





I’m a political science student currently working on my Master’s thesis in welfare policies and management. I would say I have a rather broad range of interests which I aim to portray in the articles I write. Currently, however, I am focusing on media effects on political change and public opinion. During my (supposedly) last semester at Lund University, my aim is to actively participate in Webzine activities and hopefully be able to write interesting and stimulating articles for you to read!


Lauren McIntosh

I have recently made the move from sunny Western Australia to Sweden to study a master in media and communication. I have always been interested in political issues, and I will admit to a special interest in how the media is used within the political. I am currently writing and proof reading for Utrikesperspektiv.se, and I am looking forward to all the writing, reading and political discussions that arise at the Webzine!

Naohiko Nakayama





I am a Japanese student originally studying International Relations in Japan, but I am currently on a one year exchange to Lund University studying Political Science and Sociology. This is my second semester in the webzine, and I am also a member of the PR committee. For my political interests of writing, I am focusing in Japan and the East Asian Region, especially on security policies. The webzine is a place not only for inspiration for my studies in politics, but also challenges my English, which is my third language. By the way, Pikachu and Meowth are the only few Pokémon I know.

Jan Novotny

Cheerio folks, my name is Jan Novotny. I’ve always had a hard time choosing between natural and social science, which has resulted in me often mixing them together. The fact that I’m studying statistics, a subject right at the intercept between exact science and fluid society, is probably a reflection of that. There is a big chance that my ambivalence will also show in what topics I choose to write about here at the webzine. I love plot twists and have a sincere fondness for quotes.

David Wästlund

I’m a former Editor-in-Chief at Utrikesperspektiv.se, and believe that multiple perspectives are always needed to make sense of a complex world. To me, the UPF webzine has remained a great place to challenge my own understanding of the world and learn new ways of seeing things. My favourite topic is the intersection between politics and my own subject master subject Economics.

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